What is this thing called Jazz?

The second concert of our 2018-2019 series is a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in advance on Monday February 4th – and it is already selling well.

Have you ever wondered what happens in a jazz  performance? Who plays the melody and why? What happens during the improvisation? Is there structure, form, harmonic progression and most importantly how do you follow it and what holds it together? Come and hear three top notch students from the  University of Toronto Jazz Studies Program. They will perform with Professor Gordon Foote, who will introduce well-known jazz standards and explain the road map of the performance.

A recent private event at Shaftesbury introduced some of us to the jazz pianist  Anthony D’Alessandro featured at this concert.  He wowed the crowd and many planned to come on the basis of his performance that evening. Anthony is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Piano Performance at the University of Toronto studying under Canadian jazz luminaries Dave Young, Mark Eisenman, David Restivo, David Braid, Steve Wallace and Mike Murley.  Anthony is a four time recipient of the Noreen & Phil Nimmons Scholarship in Jazz Performance, the University of Toronto President’s Entrance Scholarship, the University of Toronto National Book Award and was a finalist for JAZZ.FM91’s 2016 Peter Appleyard Scholarship.

You will want to order your ticket soon so that you won’t miss out – and you can find out how to do so here.


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